How to create an affiliate website ?

Before creating your first affiliate website we will explain you the most important things in order to start it correctly and increase the chances of success.

This article could be seen as a table of content or a todo list of what you should do to create an affiliate website. Those topics are covered with more details in other articles. Here we will just touch the surface and not even do any real work.

Define your target

This is the most difficult step to set up an affiliate website. You have to decide what is your target, what are the products or services that you want to represent and moreover, you have to find an available domain name for your website. If your domain name repesent your market with specific people, the search engines will understand more what you do as well as the visitors. Unfortunately, you are not alone, the best or most common domain names are already taken, you are going to find either a niche or to user your creativity.

Make a list of products or services

Take the time to create a list of products or services that you want to promote on your website. Put yourself in your targeted group's shoes, think the way they think, what kind of products or services do they want to see on your website ? Think about the need, the quality, the price, the design, the dimension, the life expectancy, the warranty, the delivery, ... People expect you to simplify the decision making or even to tell them what is the best item for them.

If you have the opportunity to test your products and write a review, it's going to be a huge plus for your users and to rank better on search engines. It will increase the quality of your website, if you put some effort in your website, the quality will be better and it will be visible and seen as good by your users. It will establish a trust between you and your users.

Build your website

There are more than one billion websites out there so think good quality from the beginning and invest the time it needs to make it great and different that the competitors. Ask yourself why people would visit my website instead of another ?

The technical part

Your website has to be avaialble on Internet 24/7 and respond quickly to the increasing number of visitors this is why your website has to be hosted by professionnals that have the experience and the infrastructure to reach such a level of availability. Obviously, it is not going to be free but at the beginning it might be quite affordable, only a few euros or dollars per month.

On top of that, you will need to choose a content management system (CMS), it is a software that will allow you to edit the content and the structure of your website as well as the theme and add some functionalities. Fortunately, there are many great open source CMS that you can use for free even in the context of a business.

The content

This is where you can make the biggest difference by providing a good quality website with a unique content. It will pay only if you put enough time, effort and follow the good advices that you can find about quality content and search engine optimization.

Track your website

Obviously you want to know if your website is efficiant, attracts people and will help you reach your goals. There are three main things that you want to study :

  • The visitors, how many, who are they, what they do, do they come back ? ...
  • Your ranking on search engine, what people search when they reach your page ?, who are your competitors ?, what is their strategy ?, ...
  • The cliks, do people click on your affiliate links ? Do they buy anything ? Will you earn something ?

Join an affiliate network

An affiliate network is a platform where affiliate websites and e-commerce can connect together and manage the transactions when a user click on one of your links on your website and buy a product on a e-commerce.

Improve your website continually

Don't take anything for granted, to be successful with an affiliate website, it takes a lot of time and energy, you have to keep working on it through the months. It gives a good impression if a website is up to date, gets new content, is improved regularly. Your users as well as the search engines will see that and appreciate it.