Discover why and how our starter kits can help you start with your idea or project. With our easy starter kits, do things that you could not imagine possible by yourself.

At symbiodyssey, we want to make every great idea come to life.

We have discovered that there are many factors that prevent people to realize their projects :

  • fear,
  • lack of finances,
  • lack of resources,
  • lack of confidence,
  • ...

People dream but may not live them, this is why we want to help people with great ideas actually start their projects with efficient and easy "do it yourself" tutorials. You will discover very simple tricks for low budgets to overcome as many challenges as possible.

What is a starter Kit ?

It a "do it yourself" toturial to achieve a specific task for your project. If you have no time to do it yourself or encounter issues you can get a commercial assistance from one of our partners.

How can I become a partner ?

If you have an idea for a starter kit, join our partnership program